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BELL's expanded learning programs are lead by a Leadership Team that works closely with partner principals and faculty. Leadership Teams may vary based on program size and schedule, and often include a Program Manager, Instructional Coach, and Program Assistant. 

Program Managers are responsible for the delivery of BELL's expanded learning models. They oversee all aspects of BELL programs, including planning, scholar enrollment, staff hiring and training, parent and community engagement, program operations, assessment and evaluation, and compliance. Principals often help identify leaders within the school community, such as Assistant Principals, Deans of Students, or veteran teachers, to serve as Program Managers. 

Instructional Coaches serve as the academic officer in BELL programs. They are responsible for facilitating the training and professional development of Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and Tutors, directing the implementation of curricula and assessment, coaching staff, and ensuring the academic goals of BELL's programs are met. Principals help BELL identify talented, driven, and experienced educators for the Instructional Coach role. 

Program Assistants support Program Managers and Instructional Coaches at some sites. They support all aspects of program administration and parent and community outreach. BELL hires Program Assistants from the school community and from local colleges and universities.