2016 Annual
Impact Report

Hello BELL Friends and Family,

With each year, BELL takes important steps toward closing the achievement and opportunity gap in underserved communities. 2016 was no exception. In partnership with schools, districts, nonprofits, donors, and communities across the country, BELL served over 14,500 scholars this year. Yet this only tells part of our story of impact. BELL also provided over 1,700 educators with a unique, job-embedded professional development experience. This group of school leaders and classroom teachers learned, and more importantly, tried out effective practices that they then used during the school day.

2016 also marked an important year for BELL’s growing footprint across the country. BELL programs were delivered in 35 communities and 21 states and we are on track to add a large number of new communities through innovative partnerships with districts, nonprofits, and local collaboratives. As more communities experience BELL, we get closer to forming a nation of scholars who are excited to learn, prepared to excel, and motivated to succeed.

On behalf of the scholars we serve, thank you for your continued support.

Best Wishes,

  • sig-gueye
    Tiffany Gueye
  • sig-sperling
    Laurene Sperling
    Chair, BELL Board of Directors

BELL at a Glance

BELL’s vision is for all students to excel. We exist to transform the academic achievements, self-confidence, and life trajectories of children living in under-resourced communities.

BELL partners with schools, districts, and community-based organizations to deliver evidence-based expanded learning programs in underserved communities. Our summer and after school programs engage children, families, and educators in a powerful experience that gets students performing below grade level excited to build important academic and social emotional skills. In short, BELL helps communities transform students into scholars.

2016 By The Numbers

scholars served
educators received BELL training and
job-embedded professional development
communities served across 20 States
and the District of Columbia
Average of 2 Months Gained in Reading and 3 Months Gained in Math for BELL Scholars
of scholars left BELL feeling more
confident in their academic ability
of parents said they are more
involved in their child’s learning
of participating educators said BELL helped them develop professional skills
Average Daily Attendance
Operating Revenue

Scholar Nation

BELL significantly grew its footprint across the country in 2016. In partnership with school districts, schools, and community-based organizations, BELL served scholars in 35 communities across 21 states. Much of BELL’s increased footprint is a result of the organization’s recent focus on scaling its impact through licensing partnerships – where BELL provides other youth-serving organizations (e.g., YMCAs, school districts) the tools, training, and technical assistance needed to deliver BELL’s summer program themselves. See the map below to see how BELL and its partners are building a nation of scholars that are excited to learn, prepared to excel, and motivated to succeed.

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Nation of Scholars

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