BELL launched its programs in Baltimore in the fall of 2005. Since then, BELL has become a valued partner of Baltimore City Public Schools and the community. The organization collaborates with The Family League of Baltimore City, The After School Institute, and a wide range of community partners to deliver high-quality learning opportunities throughout the city.

In 2016, BELL is launching a new partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools that will bring evidence-based summer learning opportunities to children throughout the county. 

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Baltimore City

Shindonna Matthews
Director of Program Operations


Office: (410) 338 - 1318 Ext. 3709

Montgomery County

John Holt
Director of Program Operations

Office: (301) 846 - 8642

Main Office

1500 Union Ave #117
Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: (410) 338 -1318
Fax: (410) 338 -1317

local leadership 

Damon Johnson
Executive Director

Damon Johnson first joined BELL's team in 2007, and since then has served as an Enrichment Teacher, Program Manager, Regional Program Manager, Director of Field Operations, and Regional Director. He has been an outstanding mentor, leader, educator, coach, friend, and partner in public schools across the city.  He has transformed the lives of thousands of scholars.  In 2013, BELL recognized Damon for his exemplary program leadership with the Peterkin Educational Excellence Award, given annually to the best of BELL’s Program Managers who display a remarkable commitment to program excellence.

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