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Helen moved to Boston from Nigeria when she was in preschool. Now, after her fourth year in BELL Summer, Helen believes BELL has helped her to prosper in the classroom and thrive in her new community. 

In the classroom, Helen worked diligently on improving her vocabulary and math skills. She is hard working and determined in academics, but she also took the time to help other scholars with their work. Ms. Lisa, an AmeriCorps teacher, said, "She loves to read. Helen is respectful, helpful, and she always follows instructions." She's an avid reader with a list of all the books she wants to read this summer. "I'm a fast reader," Helen proudly said.

"BELL is made for scholars like Helen. She received the support she needed and she really wants to learn. This summer, she improved her reading comprehension and math skills. Helen worked hard on her multiplication and she often stayed in during recess to finish assignments. She went the extra mile to understand concepts. She will be in a great place in September she she goes back to school," said Ms. Taylor, Helen's teacher. 

What was Helen's favorite part of BELL Summer? "I liked field trips because they are educational. We went to the beach last week and learned about sea shells and other interesting science facts," she said. 

Helen also enjoyed BELL's enrichment activities. "My favorite was Be the Change because we learned how to stop bullying," said Helen. When Helen first moved to Boston, she was bullied in preschool because of her Nigerian accent. "People made fun of me for the way I talked. It doesn't feel good to be the victim or to be the bully. Bullying can end if someone steps up and puts a stop to it," said Helen. 

BELL also helped Helen socially because of her shyness. "The community aspect of BELL was important for Helen. She made friends here and had an opportunity to shine in a smaller environment," said Ms. Taylor. 

Everyday Helen exemplified courage, sacrifice, empowerment, respect, and quality at BELL Summer. She took advantage of all the educational opportunities BELL offered through academics and enrichment. A few years ago, BELL helped her transition to life in the United States. This summer, BELL improved her math skills, social skills, and science knowledge.