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“I started BELL seven years ago. I don’t have summer learning loss like other kids. Ever since BELL, I have made the honor roll every semester. BELL has really helped me and I want to go to an Ivy League school,” said Jailyn to BELL funders who visited Young Achievers.

Jailyn is a rising 6th grader and has participated in BELL Summer since Kindergarten. This summer, BELL helped improve his confidence. It is known that confidence plays a crucial role in scholars’ preparation for transitioning to middle school. “He’s a talented artist and a good writer. When he applies himself, he is a strong student. But, we needed to work on his attitude. That’s his Achilles heel. When he lost confidence, he had a bad attitude and he wouldn’t apply himself,” said Ms. Luke, Jailyn’s ELA Teacher.

How did BELL help increase his confidence? Teachers encouraged Jailyn to do a solo performance in the talent show during the Closing Ceremony of the program. The talent show is one of Jailyn's favorite parts of BELL Summer. As a gifted singer and dancer, it was the perfect opportunity for him to shine.

Jailyn had two solo performances during the show. He had a solo in the dance for his Enrichment class and he also sang the song “Billionaire,” by Bruno Mars. While rehearsing for the performance, Jailyn often said, “I can’t do this. I can’t sing.” BELL teachers always responded with words of encouragement such as, “You can do it! Just keep practicing,” or “I believe in you.” 

After practicing for hours, Jailyn walked onto the stage with confidence on August 3rd.  In front of BELL scholars, teachers and his parents, he rocked the talent show with his performance. This summer, Jailyn learned that when he works hard, he becomes more confident and capable. Jailyn increased confidence will help him transition to middle school this fall.