success stories





This summer, BELL encouraged students to be ambitious. On the first day of the program, Ms. Chabot asked her third grade class, "What does it mean to be ambitious? How can you start to pursue your dreams?"

"It means self-determination and integrity. My dream is to be a professional basketball player," answered a nine-year old scholar. 

Meet Jaleel. He was a scholar who was engaged, enthusiastic about learning, and eager to answer questions in class. This was his third summer in BELL and while he enjoyed enrichment activities, he enjoyed the subject of math the most. Every day, he came to BELL with a positive attitude and he completed all of his academic assignments.

"What can you do now to prepare for college?" asked Ms. Chabot. Jaleel responded: "You should focus on math and reading. That will help you prepare."

Jaleel is bright and works hard, but he didn't always follow classroom rules. He answered questions without raising his hand and refused to clean the classroom. "He didn't understand why he needed to help and he would ask, 'Why?' After he received an explanation, he volunteered to clean every day," said Ms. Chabot. Jaleel wanted to understand the purpose of any assignment he was given. 

"He was always curious and eager to learn. If Jaleel didn't know the meaning of a word or understand a concept in math, he would ask for an explanation until he understood," explained Ms. Chabot. 

At the beginning of the summer, Jaleel would answer every question in class without raising his hand. Ms. Chabot talked to him about the importance of being respectful. Throughout BELL Summer, Jaleel worked hard to raise his hand and he did his best to not speak out of turn. 

Jaleel learned a valuable lesson this summer at BELL. He learned the importance of following directions and respecting others. On the last day of BELL Summer, Jaleel received a superlative for being the "kindest helper."