success stories




I definitely learned a lot this year at BELL!

My favorite part about BELL was learning math and reading. I like both of them. In reading, I got to learn more words, which is important. Math helps me with multiplying and division. It's important because I need to be good at math when I go to college. I want to learn even more math! When I grow up I'm going to be an FBI Agent. 

At BELL our teachers call us scholars, which means we learn a lot.  A scholar is a leader in school and in the community. I want to be a leader because leaders take care of their responsibilities and help others.

My favorite teacher at BELL is Ms. Trinh. She's awesome because she teaches us interesting things. We even built a volcano! We mixed menthos and soda, and when the volcano erupted it got to be six feet high! It was a really fun activity! That was one of my favorite things at BELL and I definitely want to come back and be a BELL scholar again next year.