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"What does bravery look like?" asked Ms. Luke, a 5th grade ELA Teacher. 

"It means standing up for yourself and standing up for what you believe in," answered a scholar. 

Meet bright, confident, eleven-year old Marginald. She takes care of her family and is responsible for her four younger siblings. "Marginald has a positive attitude about her responsibilities. During the academic year at Young Achievers Pilot School, she felt the need to be tough. When she came to BELL this summer, she had the same tough attitude. However, it quickly disappeared because her BELL teachers took an interest in her. "She feels more supported at BELL than during the school year," said Brenda, BELL Site Manager and a Young Achievers Teacher. 

Marginald benefited from BELL's 8:1 average classroom ratio of educators to scholars. "She doesn't get one-on-one time outside of BELL. She wants to be smart and BELL helps increase her self-confidence," said Mr. Saddiq, a BELL teacher. 

"She always participated and was engaged in class work. Marginald really tried hard in BELL. BELL was the supportive environment she needed this summer," said Ms. Luke, Marginald's ELA teacher. 

In class, Marginald raised her hand to answer questions, volunteered to pass out notebooks, and helped her classmates with assignments. Marginald loves to read and she writes her own stories. "I have been in BELL since Kindergarten. It helps me with my math. It has helped me become stronger in school. I have also made a lot of friends. They treat me nicely and with respect," said Marginald. 

Marginald wants to be a singer, dancer or actress when she grows up. "My mom calls me Hollywood because I like to sing," she said. Her favorite part of BELL were the enrichment classes because she had the opportunity to dance. Marginald wrote a song about BELL for the Talent Show at the end of the program. It was called "We Want BELL Back" and it was to the beat of "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5. 

"Scholars like Marginald become leaders at BELL," said Ms. Luke. Marginald benefited from BELL's small-group academic instruction, mentorship, and enrichment activities. Marginald wanted to learn at BELL and she is determined to excel in academics.