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BELL partners with schools to mobilize talent and expand learning opportunities for scholars. We recruit, hire, and train a team of educators who deliver academic and enrichment activities. Instructional teams may vary based on program design, and often include Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Enrichment Teachers, and Tutors. Most positions are seasonal, part-time positions that last the duration of school year or summer learning programs. 

Teachers lead academic instruction in BELL's expanded learning programs. They develop individualized scholar learning plans for a cluster of 20 scholars, and deliver academic curricula in a co-teaching environment with an Assistant Teacher. BELL hires certified Teachers from the school community to create a learning environment that is aligned with school-day needs and themes. 

Assistant Teachers team up with Teachers and Enrichment Teachers to deliver academic instruction and enrichment activities.  They help develop scholar goals and lesson plans, support small-group literacy and math instruction, lead enrichment activities, and serve as a mentor for one classroom of scholars. BELL hires and trains college students, graduate students, and paraprofessionals as Assistant Teachers. 

Enrichment Teachers lead courses in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), health and fitness, character development, and the creative arts. They deliver hands-on, project-based curricula that build self-confidence, reinforce academic skills, and strengthen teamwork and 21st century skills. BELL hires school teachers and staff from partner organizations to serve as Enrichment Teachers. 

In some afterschool programs, BELL hires college and graduate students and paraprofessionals as Tutors, working independently with a small group of up to 10 scholars.