Bethy Verano

Director of Field Operations,
Boston, MA


What I Do

I've worked for BELL for almost 10 years as a tutor, a site manager, enrollment manager, and in field operations. I spend a lot of my time working directly with site managers, coaching them so they can deliver great programs and build strong partnerships with schools. I also work with school and district partners to design new program innovations and develop strategies to bring it all together into great learning experiences for scholars and families. 

What I've Learned

At BELL, I've learned a great deal about the importance of creating effective relationships and partnerships to truly make a difference for children and affect the community. BELL needs schools, schools need BELL, and the community needs BELL. If education is going to change how the community develops, it's really important that we work together. Not only do we work effectively with schools, scholars, and parents - we also partner with other community organizations that are also trying to improve educational opportunities for scholars. We have a greater impact if we work together.

Why BELL is a Great Place to Work

One of my favorite things about working for BELL is that the team is extraordinarly dedicated. Regardless of whether they work at schools of in the office, they're definitely here for the right reasons. They bring their skills together to make a difference. That creates an environment where you want to work because everyone shares a mission.

Something to Think About

Working with BELL is a great way to enter the field of education. BELL provides a lot of support for college students, who work as tutors and teaching assistants. Aspiring teachers gain experience by working directly with an experienced teacher in the classroom, who provides coaching on best practices and classroom management.