Site Manager,
Boston, MA


What I Do

Every day, I try to create a fun and active learning community for scholars and staff. 

The Best Thing About My Job

The best thing about my job is the interaction with scholars. Being able to see scholars enjoy learning is fulfilling. Every child wants to achieve greatness, and sometimes they just need a change of style or a change of pace to realize that they love learning.

The Toughest Thing About My Job

The toughest thing about my job is when I don't have the full engagement of a parent. Parent involvement is such an important part of a scholar's education, and sometimes it takes extraordinary effort to reach parents who for whatever reason have not been a part of their scholar's education.

Why BELL is a Great Place to Work

One thing that makes BELL special is the diversity and commitment of our teachers and tutors. Every day, they bring an energy and enthusiasm for teaching that makes such a difference for scholars. And our programs are designed to help teachers and tutors succeed - thanks to small class sizes to a great support network, our team is able to translate their energy into success for scholars. 

A Favorite BELL Moment

During one after school program, there was a parent who wasn't involved in her child's education. After numerous conversations with the parent, the school was not able to get through to her and get her to become involved. That year, she enrolled her son into the BELL After School program for the first time. With the help of a BELL teacher who also works in the school during the school day, I was able to slowly get her involved in her son's education. One Saturday morning, I bumped into her on the T. She gave me a huge hug and told me if it weren't for the extra commitment and effort we made at BELL, she would have never changed.