Site Manager,
Boston, MA


What I Do

As a BELL Site Manager, my day consists of planning, executing and ensuring the success of an after school or summer program. I am responsible for staffing, welcoming families, overseeing the assessment of scholars, coaching staff, and partnering with school administrators and teachers to ensure that scholars receive an engaging, fun and high-quality learning experience every day. 

The Best Thing About My Job

The best thing about my job is experiencing a sense of fulfillment when I see that scholars and their parents realize that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

The Toughest Thing About My Job

One of the most difficult aspects of my job is accepting the limitations of the under-resourced community that affects our scholars outside of the BELL program.

Why BELL is a Great Place to Work

At BELL, we belive that educational justice and our investment in young people are the keys to our future. As a part of our team, you are empowered as a catalyst for change in the community. You are provided with the tools and resources necessary to provide enriching educaitonal experiences for scholars from low-income communities - the passion for service is all that is required to bring the team together to make it successful!

A Favorite BELL Moment

During an impromptu conversation with a scholar at a BELL After School program, the scholar expressed his gratitude for BELL over the past few years by exclaiming: "BELL helps me do better on my tests, and if it weren't for the teachers at BELL, I would probably be in summer school each year. I also have a lot of fun here, meeting new people and doing different activities." This is what makes my job worth it.