Rashid Parham


Senior Systems Administrator
Boston, MA


What I Do

I try to figure out how technology can best help us achieve our mission. As part of our Information Systems team, each day I ask myself: What technologies help us meet our business needs? What are their costs? And are they usable and scalable? And then I go to work helping leverage the Internet and cloud-based solutions for our organization and the communities we serve. From Salesforce.com to Google Apps for Business, I partner with IS vendors that allow us the flexibility to deploy BELL's systems in any school, in any city, virtually over night. 

The Toughest Thing About My Job

Keeping a complex network of information and technology simple!

Why BELL is a Great Place to Work

BELL is a very culturally diverse organization that is driven and focused on one very simple objective: to change as many young lives as possible. We affected dozens of communities that reflect where I'm from! We make a difference every day!

More Than a Job

My son's first grade teacher introduced me to BELL in 2004. Rashid Jr. was having difficulty with completing class assignments and it was challenging to get him to focus on his homework. I signed him up for BELL and saw an instant change. He started completing all of his class assignments. I continued to sign him up for BELL programs whenever the opportunity presented itself. In 2008, while working for one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in Weston, I noticed a job opening for an IT position in Dorchester, where I lived at the time. What are the odds of an IT job being available in Dorchester for a seasoned IT professional? So I submitted my resume and I was asked to come in for an interview. I received a call later that day that I got the job. For me this was a marriage destined to happen. Five years later, I'm still employed by BELL and Rashid Jr. continues to remain active within BELL - he was one of the first scholars to participate in BELL's middle school program in Boston and will be an alumni scholar in the fall of this year.