03.14.2018Betsy Perry named Tiffany Cooper Gueye Educator of the Year

BOSTON - In 2017, BELL established the Tiffany Cooper Gueye Educator of the Year award in honor of BELL’s former CEO. This award recognizes a BELL educator who best exemplifies BELL’s core values of Excellence, Learning, Respect, Courage and Collaboration. 

We are proud to announce that Betsy Perry is the first recipient of this prestigious award. In the summer of 2017, Perry served as the BELL Program Manager in Montgomery County’s Summit Hall Elementary School site in Gaithersburg, Maryland. In this role, she set high expectations for achievement, modeled and encouraged a growth mindset in scholars, and created a supportive community for teacher collaboration.

“Ms. Perry is an outstanding educator who has been an inspiration to both students and staff,“ says Carole Rawlison, Principal of Summit Hall Elementary School.” She is a dedicated professional who utilizes her time and talents in school and in our community to enable our students to be better prepared for life. Ms. Perry sets challenges before her students that encourage divergent thinking and problem solving.  Her enthusiasm for teaching and learning has had a positive impact on all.”

Each morning, Perry greeted all scholars at the door with a smile. Throughout the school year, in her roles as a special education teacher, and as co-chair of the Elementary Councils on Teaching and Learning for Montgomery County Public Schools, Perry is a relentless advocate for expanded education for all children. “The experiences I gained as a BELL leader are invaluable. I have used many of the tools, resources and skills from the BELL program to become a better teacher and leader in my school and community,” she says.

John Holt, Director of Program Implementation, commended Perry’s ability to develop strong connections between BELL and educational and community leaders in Montgomery County to ensure continued support for the program. “Betsy is a true ambassador of BELL,” Holt says. “She continues to advocate and promote all of the amazing work we do in Montgomery County. The sacrifices she makes for her children, friends, and community are truly admirable.”