After School



Fast Facts

BELL Afterschool is an immersive experience, which expands learning time during the school year to help scholars hone their academic skills and gain the confidence to succeed in the school day classroom.

We work closely with principals and teachers to design and deliver an afterschool program that aligns with school day learning and priorities. A day at BELL Afterschool starts with a healthy snack, followed by rigorous, small-group instruction led by certified teachers and highly-trained assistant teachers. Partners use research-based curricula aligned to rigorous standards, and apply data from computer adaptive assessments to differentiate instruction according to scholars' unique learning needs. 

At some schools, BELL Afterschool also incorporates hands-on enrichment activities on topics such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), the creative arts,health & exercise, as well as field trips, guest speakers, and community service projects.

Click here for evaluation results from BELL After School programs.

 Hours per Day

2.5 - 3


Days per Week

3 - 5

 Weeks per School Year

Up to 32

 Total Hours of Learning

Up to 400

 % of Scholars with Scaled Score Gains in Early Literacy Skills81%


 % of Scholars with Scaled Score Gains in Math81%